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Fluid Learning is knowledge put together and curated into a dynamic, step-by-step, in-depth, educational series covering the latest technologies, procedures and innovations found in today’s lubrication industry. This knowledge is most relevant with crucial forward-thinking learning assets that are demanded as requirements by the lubrication industry. This platform is designed for the motivated professional seeking to not only keep current with industry standards and practices, but to also build their skill-set creating a portfolio of intellectual tools. Whether you’re a student with a staring interest in lubrication and reliability or a plant manager, engineer, reliability leader, technician or technical sales professional, this educational series is for you. Each course is hosted not only by a peer-recognized industry expert, but in many cases the actual innovator of the topic-related technologies. This is what distinguishes Fluid Learning as students are learning from the source, directly.

Student Testimonials

“Excellent course Greg Livingstone has put together and definitely expanded my knowledge on the topic of Varnish with the way he explains the content. Highly recommend Greg's course if you are looking to sit the VPR & VIM tests. Just an added bonus to be the first person in Australia to receive these certifications. ”

Chris Mathers MLE

“Huge THANK you to Greg Livingstone and Fluid Learning for putting together such amazing preparation courses for these badges. Not only did he cover the material for the exams but he gave an overview of everything you need to know about varnish. These courses are definitely recommended for anyone interested in learning more about varnish and methods of prevention. I always learn so much from Greg! Currently, I am the only female in the world to have both of these badges, we need to change this! ”

Sanya Mathura MLE

“One step further on my Reliability journey! Thank you ICML for your Varnish Specialist Certifications. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the contributions of Greg Livingstone and by extension Fluitec for their informative and effective training content. Greg's facilitation was very eloquent, to the point and highly informative for the given subject matter. I would advise this training for anyone who has been exposed to the devil called varnish. Greg's training course along with my expertise in dealing with varnish navigated me to success with these certifications. ”

Leston Bethelmy VCAT IV, ARP E, MLE, MLA III, MLT II

“I am really very proud and delighted to be the first Arabic national guy in the Middle East area who being certified as VIM & VPR specialist from International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) and be no. 19 worldwide in this kind of oil analysis field. Thanks to Fluid Learning and Greg Livingstone for the amazing course contents and many thanks to every one supported me to get VIM certificate!”


“Another Milestone! Happy on Receiving my VIM and VPR badges from International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) Huge thanks to Greg Livingstone and Fluid Learning. Just an added bonus to be the first person in INDIA to receive these badges. ”

Praveen Kumar Hiremath M.Tech,MLE,MLA-III,MLA-II,VIM,VPR,CMRP, VI CAT II

“Great learning content from Fluid Learning - 1. Varnish & Deposit Prevention and Removal (VPR) 2. Varnish & Deposit Identification and Measurement (VIM) Thank you Greg Livingstone for being a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend all maintenance & reliability professional to attend this course not just for ICML certification but to benefit yourself & your organization.”

Keven Albert, M.Tech, MLE, MLA I, MLT I